Payment Error

We are sorry for the error! Here are some common reasons you might get an error while attempting a payment:

1. The card information you’re providing is not complete or is inaccurate. Always double check this before you panic! (We understand, even the best typo sometimes.)

2. The payment processor timed out. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds for the payment processor to digest the information that you’re sending it. Try to avoid refreshing the page a billion times, or clicking the “Pay” button. This might result in duplicate transactions, or as we like to call it, mo’ money (processed) mo’ problems.

3. Your card might be declined. Bummer! This could be for anything from insufficient funds on the card used, your bank/credit card company’s fraud protection policy, or the Collect Page’s payment processor is not properly connected.

4. If you’re still having problems, each payment processor has their own explanation of what might have gone wrong. Check out WePay or Stripe.  

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